Cobra Gold 18: Allied Marines Learn Jungle Survival Skills

American and South Korean Marines were taught jungle survival skills by members of Thailand’s Marines in Sattahip, Thailand, including drinking cobra blood. VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Cobra Gold 18: Allied Marines Learn Jungle Survival Skills

Pakistan Has Lost 20 Soldiers In 2018 After Indian Army’s Aggressive Stance On Loc

Pakistan has lost as many as 20 soldiers in 2018 alone, and as many as seven more were critically injured in the fire assault which was launched by the Indian Army, sources told India Today. Pictures shown to India Today reveal that the Indian Army…

American drone strikes and other developments

… and South Asia. Evidently, drone strikes, which were halted … fight against terrorism. Pakistan condemns drone strike in Kurram Agency … between the Pentagon and the CIA is evident from the … different goals. The Kurram drone attack has engendered heated … VISIT THE…

We have built an unequal world. Here’s how we can change it

Here’s something we’re rarely told growing up: our world rewards wealth, not hard work or talent. It would pain me to tell our young girls and boys that they are already losing. The injustice of it would be too ugly and too hard to explain….

Our food system is broken. Here are 3 ways to fix it

If the food system were a business, it would be a failing one. For the moment, however, it might be hard for its CEO to see. For she or he would be presiding over supermarkets which provide an incredible multitude of products to their customers….

Why do the Queen Elizabeth class carriers not have catapults? This is the Reason – YouTube

Incidentally, catapults are certainly not ‘new’ for the Royal Navy. They were the first to use them as standard, in the 1950, and the US Navy copied them. The plan agreed upon was that each carrier, should be able to operate up to 36 Joint-Strike-Fighters….

The great game: The politics of houbara hunting in Pakistan

Empty cages at Lal Suhanra National Park in Bahawalpur after 200 houbara bustards were set free | Mohammad Ali, White Star An old man once wandered the mountains and deserts of Balochistan. He asked to be buried wherever death came to him. One night, he…

White House Press Briefing – Sarah Huckabee Sanders Jan 4, 2017 WH, Press Conference – Full Event – YouTube

Defense Flash News : good afternoon we’re pleased to see that the Dow Jones Industrial Average broke through 25,000 for the first time ever today the president’s economic agenda of lower taxes less regulation and more opportunity for all is already paying off and American…

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