Arunachal Pradesh Expedition Finds World War II Aircraft in Jungle – YouTube

Imagine going on an expedition deep into the jungle, only to stumble upon a long-lost piece of history. It almost sounds like the plot of an Indiana Jones film, but it actually happened nine days ago in Arunachal Pradesh. A group of locals who were…

Pence Highlights Service Members’ Excellence, Expertise, Dedication

America depends upon its military members’ excellence, expertise and dedication more than ever, Vice President Mike Pence told airmen at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada. VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author: Jim Garamone

Pentagon Spokesman Details Progress in Defeating ISIS

Coalition and partnered forces are building upon progress in Iraq and Syria to defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, the director of press operations at the Pentagon told reporters. VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author: Lisa Ferdinando

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