Swaraj’s Visit Will Enhance Political Trust With India: China

This video shows you that Swaraj’s Visit Will Enhance Political Trust With India: China. China on Wednesday said its relations with India have seen “great strides” and the upcoming visit of External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj will further enhance “political trust” between the two countries….

What cryptocurrencies will do to the integrity of politics

New avenues for private entities to funnel untraceable money into the political system have serious repercussions for the fight against corruption and policy capture. VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author: Catalina Uribe Burcher || World Economic Forum

Corbyn wants ‘dialogue’ with Assad, sanctions on Israel

Jeremy Corbyn’s latest calls for “negotiations for peace” and “a political settlement” in response to Assad gassing to death his own people are part of a pattern whereby the UK Labour Party leader calls for “dialogue” with murderers he likes, as when he called the…

How and Why the CIA Censored Marchetti’s ‘The Cult of Intelligence’

… reveal previously-unknown CIA operations involving nuclear-powered spy drones, political … following the revelations about CIA activities by the … . Willmetts observed, “The CIA were quite canny … of having their nuclear-powered drone crashing down onto … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Blockchain is facing a backlash. Can it survive? 

As more people question the political, security and environmental implications of blockchain and digital currency, its future may depend on a new wave of projects designed to make a positive difference in the world. VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author: Jem Bendell || World Economic Forum

India Key To CPEC’s Success: Pakistan’s New Political Tactic

This video shows you that India Key To CPEC’s Success: Pakistan’s New Political Tactic. The controversial China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project cannot progress without Indian cooperation, Pakistan said on Thursday. Stressing the need for strengthening regional cooperation, Islamabad added that India holds the key to…

Maldives crisis an internal matter like Kashmir, India should trust us to resolve it, Says Minister

The political crisis in the Maldives, like the “Kashmir issue”, is an “internal” matter and India should trust the local government to solve the problem on its own, a senior minister of the island nation said Tuesday. “Why haven’t we gone into the Kashmir issue……

After govt’s red card, Tibetans shift Dalai Lama event from Delhi To Dharamshala

Three days after a note by Cabinet Secretary PK Sinha directing senior political leaders and government functionaries not to participate in Tibet-related activities became public, the Tibetan government-in-exile has shifted a high-profile event planned to commemorate Dalai Lama’s 60th year in exile. The event will…

Airbus payout adds New twist in Rafale vs Eurofighter deal

Over the preceding week, India’s political landscape has been roiled by accusations that the government favoured French aerospace vendor Dassault with a multi-billion order for 36 Rafale fighters, ignoring a cheaper bid belatedly submitted by the European consortium, Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug GmbH (hereafter Eurofighter) for its…