Harnessing the power of nature in the fight against climate change

The public and private sector are waking up to the role nature plays in mitigating climate change – and the importance of good stewardship. Here are four reasons to be cheerful about the progress being made. VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author: Florian Reber || World…

Technology can help solve the climate crisis – but it will need our help

Climate leaders, scientists and other partners must collaborate with the tech sector to ensure that the transformations of the digital revolution help drive us toward a climate-safe world. VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author: Amy Luers || World Economic Forum

There is a forgotten solution to climate change that we must invest in – nature 

We have forgotten the role nature can play in mitigating climate change. From smarter agricultural practices to new types of forestry, here’s how our money can make a difference. VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author: Justin Adams || World Economic Forum

Technology can help us save the planet. But more than anything, we must learn to value nature

Alongside the current technological revolution that is helping us to fight climate change, we need an equally unprecedented cultural shift in the way we connect with our planet. VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author: Marco Lambertini || World Economic Forum

If we don’t protect the ocean, humanitarian disaster awaits

Overfishing and climate change are the driving forces behind the deteriorating health of the ocean, the world’s largest ecosystem and the source of climate regulation for our entire planet, not to mention jobs and livelihoods for hundreds of millions of people. VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE…

Here are six bold ideas to accelerate sustainable energy innovation

The impact of climate change is gaining momentum much faster than expected, while the shift from fossil fuels to cleaner energy is slow. Substantial acceleration in sustainable energy innovation is needed now. VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author: Tatsuo Masuda || World Economic Forum