Technology is delivering better access to financial services. Here’s how

Digital technology is spurring financial inclusion around the world, enabling millions more people and businesses to join the global economy for the first time. Yet there is much more work to do. VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author: Philippe Le Houérou || World Economic Forum

Robot inventors are on the rise. But are they welcomed by the patent system?

Artificial Intelligence is now capable of performing tasks that have historically required human ingenuity. But these advances also put AI on a collision course with numerous aspects of patent law. VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author: Kay Firth-Butterfield || World Economic Forum

How secure is blockchain?

Blockchain is transforming the way we do business, and has the potential to reduce poverty throughout the developing world. But can it simultaneously offer trust and privacy to ensure private and tamper-free records? VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author: Lotte Schou-Zibell || World Economic Forum

Why some good ideas make it – and others don’t

“The solutions that policy-makers are looking for have often already been invented somewhere else but an idea is just an ephemera without the right person to make it happen.” VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author: Alexander Starritt || World Economic Forum

What cryptocurrencies will do to the integrity of politics

New avenues for private entities to funnel untraceable money into the political system have serious repercussions for the fight against corruption and policy capture. VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author: Catalina Uribe Burcher || World Economic Forum

Christine Lagarde: 3 priorities for the global economy

In her curtain-raiser speech to the IMF and World Bank’s upcoming Spring Meetings, Christine Lagarde explains why current prosperity provides the perfect opportunity to prepare for the downturn to come. VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author: Christine Lagarde || World Economic Forum

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