Good Idea? Elite paratrooper and Royal Marine units could be MERGED to Save Money – YouTube

Elite units of paratroopers, and Royal Marines, could be combined, to save money as part of sweeping cuts to Britain‘s military. The mergers are said, to be under consideration alongside plans, to reduce the, armed forces‘ strength, by more than 14000.

Forget Britain’s nuc-deterrent – here’s what Russia is really afraid of Mark Galeotti – YouTube

Russia is being weaponised to justify big-ticket buys for the UK military, yet there’s little talk of what Moscow thinks matters. The defence review must consider British interests in the round, of course. But if deterring the Russians is a major concern, then it is…

This British Engine could change the shape of aircraft and space flight in future – YouTube

Britain’s ‘rocketeers’, move closer to turning a near 30-year dream into reality. Reaction Engines, has spent almost 30 years, getting that magic to work, developing an engine concept, that combines both conventional jet engine technology, and rocket-propulsion. source: https://goo.gl/GGKz9jhttps://goo.gl/GGKz9j

FAREWELL: Britain’s fastest Army Helicopter to sign off from duty – YouTube

It’s so long, and farewell to one of the British Army’s oldest working helicopters. The Lynx flew it’s last flight, over Wiltshire after forty years in service. Five of the helicopters, set off from RAF Odiham in Hampshire, where they’re based. It also holds the…

The F-52 Fighter-Jet :Real or Dream? – YouTube

There might one day be an F-52, but technology has advanced a long way, since the days of the YF-22 and YF-23. Thus, tomorrow’s aircraft will look very different, from today’s planes. Mostly likely, given current trends, engineers will have to adopt a flying wing…

Good News: Fourth Astute class submarine completes first dive – YouTube

The fourth Astute class submarine, Audacious, which is being built by BAE Systems for the Royal Navy, has achieved a significant milestone by completing her first ever dive. HMS Astute, HMS Artful and HMS Ambush are already in-service with the Royal Navy. source: https://goo.gl/zv5F1N

The New Vessels of Royal navy Fleet make Britain Great Again – YouTube

This is the new vessels of royal navy fleet. The Queen Elizabeth class is a class of two aircraft carriers of the United Kingdom’s Royal Navy. The lead ship, HMS Queen Elizabeth, was named in honour of current reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth II, on 4…

This is what the Brazilians want to re-name HMS Ocean – YouTube

The Royal Navy flagship, HMS Ocean is to be given a new name by the Brazilian Navy, it has emerged. The Brazilians have even thought of a new name for the ship. “Minas Gerais”, the name of a Brazlian ship, since decommissioned, and a state…

US Navy Wants Next-Generation LX(R) amphib Now – YouTube

The Navy wants the next amphibious ship, it buys to be the first of the next-generation LX(R) amphibs, rather than another “bridge ship” to the new class, two service officials said, after Congress appears to be leaving the choice to the Navy. read more at:…

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