Underwater Coffins: These 5 Submarines Quite Simply Are the Worst Ever

This video shows you that Underwater Coffins: These 5 Submarines Quite Simply Are the Worst Ever.

Rather than inflict mayhem on U.S. logistics–much as the German Navy did in the Atlantic, and much as the U.S. Navy did against Japanese sea lanes in the Western Pacific–the IJN allowed transports, tankers, and other vital but unsexy shipping to pass to and fro unmolested. Vast quantities of American war materiel traversed the broad Pacific–letting American forces surmount the tyranny of distance.

What a drag. Top Gun was about the best of the best flitting around the skies, kept aloft by a lonely impulse of delight. This list of History’s Worst 5 Submarines catalogues the worst of the worst lumbering around in the briny deep. Such a vessel is a millstone dragging down the fortunes of its navy, its parent military, or the society that puts it to sea.

Call it Bottom Gun.

Now, it’s possible to rank hardware, including submersibles and their armament, purely by technical characteristics. The crummiest piece of kit — condemned by shoddy design, faulty construction work, or premature obsolescence — is the bottom-feeder on such a list. In the case of submarines, then, tallying up speed, submerged endurance, acoustic properties, and kindred statistics offers a reputable way to proceed. But it tells only part of the story.

Carl von Clausewitz, that doughty purveyor of strategic wisdom, helps reveal the rest. Clausewitz defines strength as a product of force and resolve, affirming that people — not machines — compete for supremacy. The weapon or platform is just an implement. Both material and human factors, consequently, are crucial to success in strategic competition or war. You can’t judge the best of the best or the worst of the worst by widgets alone.

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