Fire accidents on warships a big worry, say experts

This video shows you that Fire accidents on warships a big worry, say experts.

Repeated fire accidents in Indian warships have become a major concern, say maritime experts. After a series of fire accidents in the Western Naval Command in Mumbai, fire fighting has become an important task for the crew.

The INS Vikramaditya has witnessed two accidents and three deaths in the last three years. In June 2016, a navy sailor and a civilian had died after inhaling toxic gases while carrying out maintenance works on the aircraft carrier at Karwar.

The armament and the fuel stored in the warship are a major concern whenever there are fire accidents. After Mumbai incidents, a special task has been given to all the naval officers to be on their toes when it comes any kind of fire accidents.

A former navy commodore who has commanded three frontline warships said there is no space for accidents in a professional navy.

“However, accidents are a reality even in the most advanced fighting navies. Perhaps the dreaded fear on a warship is either fire or flooding because fuel, ammunition, torpedoes and missiles are all stored in close confines, making fire fighting a supreme challenge,” he said.

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