Spain election 2019: Parties scramble to secure rural votes | DW News

As Spain heads for its third general election in just four years, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is leading the polls. But neither his Socialists nor the conservative People’s Party are expected to secure an outright majority. That means they will need help in forming a coalition from smaller parties, which are enjoying a surge in support. The minority socialist government called the elections earlier this year after failing to get its budget through Parliament. And for the first time, Spain’s large swaths of scarcely inhabited countryside will be crucial. The voters there will determine almost a third of the new Parliament and that’s likely to tip the balance one way or the other. But winning those crucial votes should be as difficult as never before for Spain’s traditional parties. They are facing tough competition from smaller parties like Vox. DW traveled to the eastern province of Teruel, right in the middle of so-called empty Spain, which has only nine inhabitants per square kilometer.

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Author: DW News