(3/30/2019) High Tension: US Wants More Firepower to Counter Russia- US Military News Update

Top US general wants more firepower to counter Russia

The top US general in Europe told Congress, that he needs a lot more firepower to counter the threat from Russia.

“I am not comfortable yet with the deterrent posture that we have in Europe,” Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti, head of European Command and NATO’s supreme allied commander Europe, told the Senate Armed Services Committee, Stars and Stripes reported.

“While the US maintains a global military superiority over Russia, evolving Russian capabilities threaten to erode our competitive military advantage,” he explained. He told lawmakers there continue to be shortfalls across all warfighting domains.

He requested more troops and warships, as well as more cyber assets and more intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance assets to confront Russia, which boldly seized Crimea from Ukraine in 2014 and is rapidly modernizing its armed forces to “erode” the US military’s advantage.

THE US has ramped up its military response to Russian aggression, with plans for a permanent military base in Poland – and a rapid build of tanks along Vladimir Putin’s border.

The US is hitting back at Russian aggression with a terrifying military build-up, according to lead allies of the Trump administration. Earlier this week, the US struck a colossal £320million deal with Poland to set up a ballistic missile system in the country – with rockets capable of striking targets within Russia. At the same time, incredible images this week showed US battle tanks arriving in Poland on the border with Russia ahead of one of the world’s biggest ever military drills.
Poland’s foreign minister also admitted that his country is working on creating a “permanent American military base” in the country to compete with Russia.

This has sparked fear around the possibility of a military clash between the two global superpowers.

Following the purchase of the M142 HIMARS weapons system, foreign minister Jacek Czaputowicz said Poland and the US were “continuing discussions” regarding further US deployments on Polish soil.
The large-scale Polish drills with the US is part of Operation Atlantic Resolve – a military bid to stop the spread of Russian influence.
Congressman Mike Turner told CNBC at the Munich Security Conference: “Trump has made efforts to arm the soldiers in Ukraine, against Russian aggression.

“He has moved to increase sanctions. He has moved to increase – almost double – the amount of European reassurance dollars.

“And he has moved US troops into Europe as well as equipment in countries like Poland.”

The US Navy says that its version of the F-35 fighter jet is now ready for combat.

After more than two decades of testing and development, the service announced Thursday that the advanced aircraft has achieved Initial Operating Capability, meaning it passed the proper tests to be flown on missions.
Thursday’s announcement comes shortly after the first squadron of Navy F-35s completed aircraft carrier qualifications aboard USS Carl Vinson.
“The F-35C is ready for operations, ready for combat and ready to win,” said Vice Admiral DeWolfe Miller, commander of Naval Air Forces. “We are adding an incredible weapon system into the arsenal of our Carrier Strike Groups that significantly enhances the capability of the joint force.”

Officially declaring the stealth fighter jet mission-ready represents a major milestone for the Navy and the aircraft’s primary contractor Lockheed Martin.
“We congratulate the Department of the Navy on achieving Initial Operational Capability with its fleet of F-35Cs,” Greg Ulmer, Lockheed Martin vice president and general manager of the F-35 program, said in a statement.
“This milestone is the result of unwavering dedication from our joint government and industry team focused on delivering the most lethal, survivable and connected fighter jet in the world to the men and women of the US Navy,” he added.
Touted as the future of military aviation, the F-35 is a lethal and versatile aircraft that combines stealth capabilities, supersonic speed, extreme agility and state-of-the-art sensor fusion technology, according to Lockheed.
The jet, which maintains stealth capabilities making it harder for enemy radars to detect, has been a favorite of President Donald Trump, who has lauded the F-35 several times for being “invisible.”
However, the aircraft, which is the most expensive weapons system in history, has also drawn sharp criticism in recent years after facing a long list of setbacks — including problems with the software, engines and weapon systems.

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