MMRCA 2.0 :- Rafale vs F/A-18

MMRCA 2.0 :-  Rafale vs  F/A-18

So, the stage is all set for yet another round of gruelling selection trials to fix upon the next major aircraft for the Guardians of the Skies. The MMRCA 2.0, as it’s fondly called, is another take on the MMRCA competition held a few years back to procure new fighter aircraft to strengthen the squadrons of Indian Air Force. MMRCA 1.0 saw two European machines at the final stage and the Dassault Aviation’s Rafale jet was finalized as the winner.

Unfortunately, the deal couldn’t be finalized between the Indian government and Dassault over ToT and was finally scrapped by the new government. As an interim effort, a deal for direct purchase of 36 Rafale jets was inked. Since the squadron numbers have been dwindling due to the retirement of obsolete equipment, MMRCA 2.0 was inevitable.

After the cut-off date passed by media reports in India confirmed that same defeated Air warriors of the past tenders are once again entering the arena to battle it out among themselves to secure orders for 110 units of Make in India fighter which actually nobody knows how long this season will last due to India’s love for tons of paper works and hectic documentation which is common in all high budget Military procurement tenders .

Six of the world’s premier fighter aircraft vendors – American companies Boeing and Lockheed Martin, Russian Aircraft Corporation, Dassault of France, Swedish firm Saab and European consortium, Eurofighter GmbH – have submitted responses to an Indian “request for information” (RFI), kicking off the purchase of 110 fighters for the Indian Air Force (IAF).

F/A-18 Super Hornet

The Boeing’s carrier-launched Super Hornet is considered as an all-weather fighter and attack aircraft. The twin-engine F/A-18 E/F, based on F/A -18 C/D, is a mid-wing, multi-mission tactical aircraft first rolled out in 1995 and entered service with the US Navy in 1999. On February 20, 2018, after a gap of 20 months, the first Super Hornet rolled out of the production line. The aircraft is expected to remain in service till 2030s.

Dassault Rafale is an omnirole aircraft by design able to execute many missions like :Air-defense / air-superiority,Anti-Access/Area Denial,Reconnaissance,Close air support,Air-to-ground precision strike / interdiction,Anti-ship attacks,Nuclear deterrence,Buddy-buddy refueling.

Radar and sensors

F/A-18 Super Hornet:
The Super Hornet is equipped with the APG-73 radar manufactured by Raytheon. Raytheon’s (AESA) fire control radar increases the F/A-18’s air-to-air target detection and tracking range, and provide higher resolution air-to-ground mapping at longer ranges.

F/A-18F aircraft is also fitted with the Raytheon SHARP multi-function reconnaissance pod, which replaces USN Tactical Airborne Reconnaissance Pod (TARPS).

The new Block 3 Super Hornet features capabilities that enhance the Block II’s survivability by including an advanced cockpit system, long-range detection with Infrared Search and Track and longer range with conformal fuel tanks. This allows the SH to carrier a lethal weapons load more ethan 100 miles farther than a Block II, with a sophisticated air to air sensor capable of dealing with a future threat. These Block 3 capabilities can be both built into new aircraft and incorporated into existing aircraft – allowing maximum ability to field these capabilities both quickly and affordably. In addition, Block 3 Super Hornet is built from the same airframe as current Block 2 aircraft, providing low risk development while maintaining the lowest operating cost of any U.S. tactical fighter. We can and will improve the SH’s stealth performance as part of this package.
SHARP is capable of simultaneous airborne and ground reconnaissance and has sensors manufactured by Recon/Optical Inc.

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MMRCA 2.0 :- Rafale vs F/A-18