Indian Naval Commanders To Discuss Maritime Security This Week – YouTube

Indian Naval Commanders To Discuss Maritime Security This Week

This video shows you that Indian Naval Commanders To Discuss Maritime Security This Week.

Indian Navy commanders will this week discuss the country’s maritime security and review the naval force’s mission-based deployments in the Indian Ocean Region, amid increasing Chinese activities in the strategic waters.

Steps taken to improve combat efficiency, including the new transition cycle for ships from maintenance period through a training phase and thereon to full-scale operations, will be examined at the first edition of the bi-annual conference.

The conference starts on May 8 and will conclude on May 11, the Indian Navy said in a statement. The commanders would discuss the optimal utilisation of the Navy’s share of the defence budget by prioritising capital acquisitions and modernisation plans to bridge critical capability gaps.

They would also deliberate on improving the Teeth-to-Tail ratio and explore niche fields such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics.

Harnessing cutting-edge technologies, specifically those ‘Made in India’ would be a key focus during the conference.

“The new deployment philosophy, in furtherance of the prime minister’s vision of Security and Growth for All in the Region (SAGAR), aims at sustained, peaceful and yet responsive presence of Indian naval ships in critical areas and choke points,” the statement read.

The Indian Ocean, considered the backyard of the Indian Navy, is critical to India’s strategic interests. Over the years, the region has witnessed increasing Chinese presence.


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Indian Naval Commanders To Discuss Maritime Security This Week – YouTube