Putin Won’t Risk Improving Relations With Pakistan At India’s Expense

Putin Won’t Risk Improving Relations With Pakistan At India’s Expense

This video shows you that Putin Won’t Risk Improving Relations With Pakistan At India’s Expense.

“Russia has become a strategic ally of China, even while it has many contradictions with policies and has questions about China’s rise,” Jawaharal Nehru University Professor Kamal A Mitra Chenoy tells Aditi Phadnis.

What does Vladimir Putin’s election mean for Russia?
Putin has much legitimacy and support amongst the vast mass of people, who believe that:

i. he has held together the Russian State that was threatened with further disintegration because of separatism in the Caucasus, especially Chechnya and Dagestan that he was able to resolve;
ii. He has dealt with threats such as terrorism and external threat of a militarised NATO on Russian borders, with a strong hand, and without threatening minorities;
iii. He has encouraged the revival of Christianity, funded the restoration of churches and linked with the Orthodox Church patriarchs;
iv. The unilateral Western sanctions have been used by Putin to strengthen domestic manufacturing and the economy has not suffered as much as it was feared it would.
Independent surveys show the Putin’s domestic popularity remain high. Of course many are cynical, and there is also dissent and dissatisfaction.

But Russian political culture, overall, still accepts these new versions of autocratic rule as the need for a ‘strong’ hand.

Putin’s re-election will mean a continuation of Putin’s policy, a stronger role for Russia internationally, and stability within Russia, though measures of controlling dissent and civil society space will also continue.

How should we evaluate Putin’s domestic policies? What are the new challenges? Russia is a guided democracy at best. But even a guided democracy needs an opposition…

Russia has a ‘super presidency’. The Russian constitution itself is designed in a way, where a president over rides other institutions.

The role of the presidential office does not reflect a ‘balance of powers’ that liberal and parliamentary democracies require.

Putin, in the last decade, put in new laws to control fissiparous tendencies that had crept into the Russian republics.


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Putin Won’t Risk Improving Relations With Pakistan At India’s Expense

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