The U.S. Military Tried to Build ‘Flying Aircraft Carriers’. It Was a Total Disaster.

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The U.S. Military Tried to Build 'Flying Aircraft Carriers'. It Was a Total Disaster.

The U.S. Military Tried to Build ‘Flying Aircraft Carriers’. It Was a Total Disaster.

Nearly a hundred years ago the U.S. Navy asked a question: if airplanes can fly through the air, why couldn’t a vessel carrying them fly through the air as well? The result was the Akron-class airships, the only flying aircraft carriers put into service in any country. Although promising, a pair of accidents—prompted by the airship’s limitations—destroyed the flying carrier fleet and ended development of the entire concept.

The Akron-class airships were designed and built in the late 1920s. The ships were designed, like conventional seagoing aircraft carriers, to reconnoiter the seas and search for the enemy main battle fleet. Once the enemy fleet was located, the U.S. Navy’s battleships would close with the enemy and defeat them. This was a primitive and limiting use of the aircraft carrier, which had not yet evolved into the centerpiece of U.S. naval striking power.

written by Kyle Mizokami
Source : http://nationalinterest.org/blog/the-buzz/the-us-military-tried-build-flying-aircraft-carriers-it-was-24918?page=show

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The U.S. Military Tried to Build ‘Flying Aircraft Carriers’. It Was a Total Disaster.

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