The Navy Aims for 355 Ships by the 2050, But is a 30-year voyage realistic?

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The Navy Aims for 355 Ships by the 2050, But is a 30-year voyage realistic?

The U.S. Navy believes it will reach its goal of a 355 ship fleet by the 2050, or sooner if it can get the money and industry is capable of handling the workload.

The 355 ship navy, as envisioned today, includes 12 full-sized aircraft carriers, 12 nux-powered ball-miss submarines, 66 nux-powered attck-submarines, 104 cruisers and destryrs, 52 frigate-sized ships, 38 amphibious ships, 32 logistics ships, and 39 command and support ships. Almost all ship types increase by at least ten percent over previous plans to grow the fleet to 308 ships, with submarines, cruisers, and destryrs, the latter the so-called “Large, Multi-Mission, Surface Combtnts” gaining the most ships.

The service’s current shipbuilding schedule includes two Virginia-class submarines, 2.5 cruisers or destryrs, and two smaller frigate-sized ships a year. The Navy would order a new aircraft carrier every five years. Other ships, including amphibious and logistics vessels, would be ordered irregularly. Particularly interesting are five new “large payload submarines,” which would be built starting in 2036.

The Navy’s plan is a thirty-year marathon with a 355 ship Navy at the finish line. Will the service ever reach its goal?.

source: https://goo.gl/RDy54E

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