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China’s J-20 Stealth Fighter Is Now Training for War

On January 11, the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) released a statement revealing that the J-20 fighter had participated in its first combat exercise at an undisclosed location (some reports suggested it was in Inner Mongolia). According to the Strait Times, a Singaporean newspaper, the statement said that during nine days of drills, the J-20 faced off against its less advanced counterparts, the J-16 and J-10C. The PLAAF described the drills as realistic and said that the J-20 practiced beyond-visual-range aerial fighting maneuvers.

Xinhua News Agency, which is run by the Chinese Communist Party, added a few more details. Specifically, it said the combat drills had included the Y-20 military transport aircraft and H-6K bombers alongside the J-20, J-16 and J-10C. The Y-20 is a massive transport aircraft that was first delivered to the PLAAF in June 2016. Xinhua further said that the exercise “is aimed at improving the air force’s capability to win battles.”

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