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Security is an issue that we frequently deal with. It may be protecting ourselves from muggers or preventing access to our electronic profiles, or countless other possibilities. It’s always a good idea to develop from intruders, but our belongings need protection too, both at work and at home.

It is fairly simple to implement many of the steps necessary to avoid being a victim of a crime. Good password choices and wise email habits help with cybercrime. Avoiding dangerous areas can reduce the likelihood of being robbed. And simply locking the door goes a long way towards preventing burglaries.

But it does take some more steps to get the full protection you need to truly minimize your risks. At the same time, it’s very difficult to maximize that protection without feeling like you’re living in a fortress. How do you a strike a balance between simple daily routines and powerful security? Here are some ideas.

Multifunctional Features

Nobody wants fences and gates that look so fence-y and gate-y, but it is possible to use these devices in a way that is aesthetically pleasing while still proving lock-down tough against criminals. fit that bill. They are tough and secure but still include beautiful veneers that make them look as decorative as they do defensive.

In fact, many outdoor features can provide protection and beauty simultaneously. Remember that many of the most valuable items we have–tools, televisions, guns, and so forth–are large and heavy. Thieves will want to park as close as possible, so illuminating or barricading areas where they might put the getaway vehicle will make it tougher for them to execute the heist.

Alarm Systems

An alarm system remains a powerful tool for security in any location. And thanks to a number of new features, they are easier to use than ever.

Today’s alarms can be armed and disarmed with remote controls or via an app. No more struggling to enter passcodes before an activation takes place. And speaking of activation, sensors are more effective now. Better equipment installed by experienced technicians yields a lower chance of false alarms.

In addition, video surveillance can couple with an alarm. You can receive a notification on your phone that the alarm is going off, then quickly switch to another app to review surveillance video. If all is well, you can contact the monitoring company and have the alarm canceled. If not, you have video evidence of what happened.

Concentrated Security

Sometimes your best efforts still won’t keep criminals out. But that doesn’t mean that they can get what they have come for.

There are lots of tips and tricks for where to store things to . After all, the jewelry box is a pretty obvious first choice for intruders. Lots of people have been successful by finding creative places to hide things.

But that really only works for things you don’t use every day. A business that has to handle cash on a daily basis needs a safe, and there’s nothing wrong with having several safes to help split up the risk and to limit access by employees. For example, more people will need access to the daily startup cash for a retail business, but they won’t all need to get into the business credit cards, so those two items can be stored separately.

With so many new technologies available, upgraded security is easier than ever. We can make it very difficult for criminals to access our property and our people, both at home and at work. And we can do it without spending our lives searching for passcodes and digging through keys.


Author: Christina Moore