PM Modi’s Dig At China: We Don’t Covet Others’ Territory

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This video shows you that PM Modi’s Dig At China: We Don’t Covet Others’ Territory.

Modi said India’s external policies were based on human values and not on the notion of profit and loss.

Modi said the world’s perception of India had changed in the past three to four years.

In a subtle dig at China’s One Belt, One Road project+ , Prime Minister Modi said on Tuesday that India didn’t covet any other country’s resources or territory, and that its external policies were based on human values and not on the notion of profit and loss.

After inaugurating the first-ever conference of parliamentarians and political leaders of Indian origin from across the world, Modi said the world’s perception of India+ had changed in the past three to four years, adding that “reform to transform” was his government’s mantra.

“Our development aid is not based on the give-and-take model. Rather, it depends on the needs and priorities of those countries. We have no intention of exploiting their resources and we don’t eye their territory. Our focus has always been on capacity-building and resource development,” Modi said.

The conference, meant to tap the Indian diaspora for the country’s development, saw 134 PIO parliamentarians from 23 countries. “At a time when the world is divided by ideologies, India believes in the mantra of ‘sabka saath, sabka vikas’,” Modi said as he urged the parliamentarians to spread India’s message of inclusiveness.

“If there is any philosophy to counter radicalisation and extremism, it is the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi and the philosophy of Indian values,” he added. Modi asked the diaspora to take advantage of the government’s ‘visiting adjunct joint research faculty’ under which they can work up to three months in India.

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