Halo Optics Unveils Newest Long-Range Laser Rangefinder

Halo Optics recently announced the latest addition to its family of long-range laser rangefinders — the XLR1500.

“Reaching farther than any Halo rangefinder before, the new XLR1500 gives rifle hunters and long-range target shooters impressive accuracy at up to 1,500 yards,” according to a recent Halo Optics press release.

A simple press of a button calculates distance to target almost instantaneously, and scan mode makes switching between targets just as easy, according to the release.

The XLR1500 features 6x magnification and premium glass lenses. Precise to +/- one yard, the Halo XLR1500 automatically detects and compensates for elevation changes with “AITM (Angle Intelligence) Technology,” which results in the display of a true ballistic distance, the release states.

Few other hunting accessories have contributed more to conservation through successful game recovery than the laser rangefinder, according to the release.

Providing the foundation for a clean kill and a successful hunt by returning fast and accurate distance readings, this essential piece of technology gives hunters the critical information they need to pull the trigger or release the string with confidence, it states.

“Other exciting new models for 2018 include the XL600, XR700, XR800 and Z1000, ensuring that there’s a hardworking and reliable Halo rangefinder for any kind of hunter,” according to the release.

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