B-52, B-1 and B-2 Bombers Will Soon Be Able To Drop Even More Bombs

This video shows you that B-52, B-1 and B-2 Bombers Will Soon Be Able To Drop Even More Bombs.

The US Air Force and BAE Systems are accelerating efforts to sustain, test and help modernize weapons carrying, sustainment and delivery across its fleet of bomber platforms.

The system, called the Bomber Armament Tester, is intended for the B-1B, B-2 and B-52H bombers; the intent of BAT is to assess operational readiness of bomb ejector racks, rotary launchers and pylon assemblies, BAE statements indicated.

“The BAT system provides critical verification that the aircraft’s weapon systems are operating as specified,” said Kevin Malone, vice president of Analytics Systems at BAE Systems, said in a written statement. “Our team, which includes Marvin Test Solutions and the Air Force Air Logistics Complexes, has extensive experience developing flight line qualified armament testers and test program sets.”

While primarily oriented toward testing, readiness and sustainment, the BAT effort is simultaneously interwoven with ongoing Air Force weapons modernization initiatives for all of its bombers. The concept is to both position the platforms for current or near-term attack missions and advance efforts to architect the fleet such that it can modernize its weapons arsenal and adjust as new technologies emerge.

For bot current missions and expected challenges moving forward, BAT is, without question, expected to function as an integral component to testing and integration of both new and upgraded bomber fleet weapons.

Throughout a series of reports and interviews, senior Air Force officials and service weapons developers have discussed a wide range of near and long-term weapons modernization initiatives with Warrior Maven.

B-2 Future Weapons

In coming years, the B-2 will be armed with next generation digital nuclear weapons such as the B-61 Mod 12 with a tail kit and an Long Range Stand-Off weapon or, LRSO, an air-launched, guided nuclear cruise missile, Air Force weapons developers have said in numerous previous interviews with Warrior Maven.

The B-61 Mod 12 is an ongoing modernization program which seeks to integrate the B-61 Mods 3, 4, 7 and 10 into a single variant with a guided tail kit. The B-61 Mod 12 is being engineered to rely on an inertial measurement unit for navigation, service officials told Warrior Maven.

In addition to the LRSO, B83 and B-61 Mod 12, the B-2 will also carry the B-61 Mod 11, a nuclear weapon designed with penetration capabilities, Air Force officials said.

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