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Children have a wide range of activities to venture into during their growth and development this exposes them enabling them to choose what they are interested in. it also comes at with an educational advantage. Some of these activities involve outdoor activities.

When it comes to outdoor activities, a pair of binoculars is an important accessory to have. For the best results, should be provided with binoculars made specifically for kids. This is because getting them advanced and complex adult binoculars may be too much for them to handle.

The best things about kids binoculars

1. Lower Magnification

The maximum magnification on kids binoculars should be 8x. The reasons to have a less powered pair of binoculars for kids are: 

l Those that give a highly magnified image are hard to keep still and shake much and due to this, it’s hard to get good views of whatever you are looking at. This is because kids may find it tiresome and hard to stay still. Moreover, their hands are less stable compared to those of adults thus adult binoculars are not essential for them. Using them would result in seeing blurry images which gives them a poor outdoor experience. A low magnification is therefore perfect for kids.

l Low magnification also gives the kids a wider field of view thus giving them a better outdoor experience.

l A lower powered pair of binoculars gives a larger exit pupil. This helps it produce bright images even in poor light. It also makes it easy to line up one’s eyes with the shaft of light that exits the eyepiece of the binoculars


2. Wide Field of view

This is the width of images that one sees through the optics. A wide field of view makes it easier for children to locate whatever they are looking for. It also makes it easy to follow fast moving objects on the binoculars. Binoculars with high magnification have a low field of view hence should be avoided.


3. Small Size

For binoculars to have large objective lenses that take in more light that produces a bright image even in dark surroundings, they have to be large. Although the kid’s binoculars may not be the best for use in dark places, they are small in size. This makes them highly portable and easy to carry around for the kids.


4. Interpupillary Distance (IPD)

The interpupillary distance is the distance between either optics on the binoculars where kids place their eyes. Most binoculars have been manufactured with maximum and minimum IPDs and these are offered by adjustable barrels. One should adjust the distance to fit that of pupils on the child’s eyes. One can measure the distance on their kid’s eyes so as to be sure on what type of binoculars they need. In the case of older children, the average IPD is 5.1cm to 5.3 cm which should work well.


5. Light weight

 Unlike adult binoculars, kid binoculars have fewer components thus they come in small sizes. Due to this small size, the overall weight of the binoculars is lighter than adult binoculars. This makes them highly portable and easy for the kids to carry around since they are less of a burden. This adds onto the advantages of kid binoculars over advance adult binoculars.


6. Low price

Kid binoculars have less specifications and advancements thus they come at a lower price. This is different from adult binoculars which have major advancements and high-level specifications meaning they come at a more expensive price. When buying your child binoculars, it’s therefore advisable to get those specifically made for kids since they come at low prices. Just because they come at these low prices, it does not mean they are less qualified for the task as most people would believe.

7. Fully multi-coated optics.

The optics on the binoculars is where images are viewed, for most kid binoculars. The optics is multi-coated to ensure that images viewed are bright and of high quality which is the main goal in using binoculars. This is therefore a major feature to consider when getting binoculars for your kids.

8. External Protective Lens Coating.

Most kid binoculars have additional material on the outer lens surface whose purpose is to protect the lenses from dirt and dust. This is because they would alter the field of view and quality of images. It also makes it easy to wipe away fingerprints that form on the lenses when mishandled. This means cleaning of the lenses is easy and there are less chances of damaging them when cleaning.


Kid binoculars have been optimized to give your child an improved experience with their binoculars. They also cater for minimal need of the kids which adult binoculars don’t give consideration to. When purchasing binoculars for your growing kid, the above factors should be considered. This will ensure that what they get works best for them and gives them better outdoor experiences.


Author: MD Jonab Ali Mia