India, China Committed To Seeking Mutually Acceptable Solution To Boundary Dispute, Says VK Singh

This video shows you that India, China Committed To Seeking Mutually Acceptable Solution To Boundary Dispute, Says VK Singh.

India and China are committed to seeking a fair and mutually acceptable solution to the boundary dispute through negotiations, the government said on Wednesday when asked whether a “high degree of mistrust” prevails between India and its neighbours mainly due to border issues.

In a written reply to a question in Lok Sabha, Minister of State for External Affairs VK Singh gave a detailed response on India’s border disputes with neighbouring countries, including Pakistan.

Singh said there was no question of a “high degree of mistrust” mainly due to border disputes with Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar and Sri Lanka and the issue was also not applicable in case of Nepal.

Singh said as far as China is concerned, the two countries have agreed to appoint Special Representatives to explore the framework for a boundary settlement from the political perspective of the overall bilateral relationship.

He also noted that the 20th round of the Special Representatives-level talks were held in New Delhi on 22 December, 2017.

The minister said that Pakistan has launched attacks on India in 1948, 1965, 1971 and 1999.

“Pakistan also supported insurgency and terrorism in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and also aids and abets cross-border terrorism targeted against India which endangers security and stability not only of India but of the entire region. Pakistan covets territory of Jammu and Kashmir which is an integral part of India,” he asserted.

The minister’s reply was to a question posed by senior Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge about the details of border disputes between India and its neighbouring countries, including China and Pakistan, and also whether a “high degree of mistrust” continues between India and its neighbours mainly due to border disputes.

Singh also said that the government’s consistent policy has been that it desires good neighbourly relations with Pakistan. “However, this necessarily requires an environment free from terror, hostility and violence.”

“The government desires good-neighbourly relations with Pakistan and it is for Pakistan to honour its publicly stated commitment not to allow any territory under its control to be used against India in any manner and take effective and credible action to put an end to cross border terrorism,” he said.

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