Mr. President Trump Speaks to Firefighters in Florida 12.27.17 – YouTube

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Mr. President Trump Speaks to Firefighters in Florida 12.27.17
we go things like it’s not how you blow they coming back into the we love which is what we care about and I’ve done in that tax about middle of something where’s kicking it we know what the big companies AT&T Comcast so many others Wells Fargo they’re giving thousands of dollars to their employees and nobody saw that happening right away but that happened earlier and now what’s happening is many other companies are following suit so the country is really which are it’s a big big beautiful shift that we’re turning around and a lot of good things happening you know with the military we’re rebuilding my brother Jerry was depleted you guys were depleted do you know what giving you or particularly military equipment which was taken away by the previous administration you know all about that and they’re you getting the military equipment they didn’t want us to use the military equipment somebody will explain why but now you have the best military we use it for the police force but I want to thank the job you do medically and with the paramedics the job to do with the fire has been incredible so they said would you like to come over here and see a little some of you I’ve met many of you down in college but you do a fantastic job so we just wanted to thank you very much really fantastic people and hopefully with the media surrounding us they’ll understand exactly what’s happening because we want to give these people credit for the great job they do so thank you all very much we appreciate it now I’ll come back to Palm Beach and you go back also watch yourself Soto [Music] trying to come your opinion is that a good thing well they just passed it and it’s coming to me and it’s a good thing and you like you know one of the things that people rather stand we have signed for legislation than anybody we broke the record I recorded and they were saying if we get this big tax because that’s the legislation of all legislation that’s the biggest nervous but you know repeal that’s a lot of money to buy the most unpopular Constitution well we revealed it and we got anyone which is gonna be one of the great drilling sites we have a lot of things but we had a lot of legislating fast and here’s the example of something that soon will be passed inside so you know we’re going to take energy pulses been fighting for that prolong and a lot of legislation facts they were saying it if we’ve got this one done we would have exceeded whoever succeeded with legislation but I believe we have passed I think we have more legislation passed including the records very long time ago and we broke that so we have a lot in addition we have a lot of orders we’ve got a lot of regulations regulations builders in the case of farmers and some of the others we can now go back so we have the all-time record for stopping ridiculous regulations and we’re very proud of that record that’s one of the reasons the stock market and a record level it’s a record level we broke it 84 times this year through stock market attitude by 84 times since we won the election on November 8th last year so that’s something and your family safe what are you a great investor right when you have the numbers go up when you stops go up and everything else you know when the stock market goes up that affects everybody not just hidden Ricci think of the big factors it affects everybody because people won’t stopped whether it’s a 401k or otherwise, better stuff now I have no choice congratulations so again continue doing what you do better than anybody in the world we appreciate it a lot and the safety and the lives of you say incredible chief thank you chief