Emergency Preparedness Workshop for National Seashore on Thursday

US Coast Guard along with 30 federal, state, local agencies… BOSTON — The U.S. Coast Guard, along with more than 30 federal, state and local agencies, are scheduled to facilitate a workshop in Eastham Thursday to discuss emergency response procedures if an oil spill were to…

Pacom Officials: Missile Warning in Hawaii Was False Alarm

U.S. Pacific Command has detected no ballistic missile threat to Hawaii, Pacom officials said in a statement after Hawaii residents received an emergency notification warning of an inbound ballistic missile threat. VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author: DoD News

Pentagon Spokesman: U.S. Wants Pakistan to Take ‘Decisive Action’ Agai

U.S. officials want to see Pakistan take “decisive action” against terrorism following the suspension of U.S. security funding to that country, the director of press operations at the Pentagon said. VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author: Lisa Ferdinando

Gaming Space

U.S. space capabilities are at risk. Potential adversaries are well aware that U.S. transformational warfighting capabilities are increasingly reliant on support from space systems. As a result, they may be developing offensive space control (OSC) weapons to hold U.S. space systems at risk in crisis…

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