West Level responds to Communist graduate investigations, former professor’s controversial open letter | SOFREP

An open letter written by a retired Lieutenant Colonel who served on the college at West Level has made its rounds on social media, prompting an outcry from West Level alumni and a direct response from the Superintendent, Lieutenant Common Robert Caslen.
The letter has surfaced in response to the publication of a sworn assertion, and the related consideration it acquired, he wrote in 2015 following his interplay with then-Cadet Spenser Rapone, who has since been outed as an avowed Communist and is now the topic of a number of investigations from the Military.

Lieutenant Colonel Robert Heffington, who has since retired from the Military, allegedly penned the open letter to all West Level graduates in an effort to share his observations concerning the state of the Academy, saying that he “personally witnessed a sequence of elementary adjustments at West Level which have eroded it to the purpose the place I query whether or not the establishment ought to even stay open.”

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