Fascist Madrid’s Ultimatum to Catalonia

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Fascist Madrid’s Ultimatum to Catalonia

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Residence – Stephen Lendman)

Rogue regimes do not negotiate. They demand, providing no vital concessions. 

Spain isn’t any democracy. It is a political dictatorship, exploiting its individuals to learn its privileged class – why Catalans need independence, releasing them from despotic rule.

Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy gave Catalan President Carles Puigdemont 5 days to make clear whether or not the area declared independence or not, one other three days to “rectify” the present standoff – eight days to return to pre-referendum established order situations, demanding Catalans be denied their universally acknowledged proper of self-determination.

Its fashionable idea dates from America’s Declaration of Independence on July four, 1776.

It affirms that governments “deriv(e) their powers from the consent of the ruled, (and) (t)hat every time any Type of Authorities turns into harmful of those ends, it’s the Proper of the Individuals to change or abolish it, and to institute new Authorities…”

After declaring Catalan independence on Tuesday, Puigdemont suspended it with majority parliamentary consent to “start a dialogue with out which it’s unattainable to reach at an agreed answer.”

On the identical time, he stated “the individuals have decided that Catalonia ought to develop into an impartial state within the type of a republic.”

He known as on Rajoy to conform to dialogue, urging EU involvement. His overture was rebuffed, Rajoy indicating that failure to desert independence efforts will set off Madrid invoking Article 155 of Spain’s structure, suspending Catalan autonomy, revoking its house rule.

In his Wednesday tackle to Spain’s parliament, he stated nothing about dialogue or mediation, successfully rejecting the concepts.

Puigdemont has two choices: 

— formally declare Catalan independence, triggering Article 155, risking arrest and prosecution for treason or different excessive fees; or 

— undergo Rajoy, dropping assist from separatist coalition companions and most Catalans, weakening his management, probably forcing new elections, maybe ending his political profession.

Puigdemont counselor and spokesman for his authorities Jordi Turull stated if Madrid invokes Article 155, Catalonia will press forward for statehood.

“Now we have given up completely nothing…Now we have taken a day trip…which does not imply a step backwards, or a renunciation or something like that,” he defined on Catalonia Radio.

Rajoy categorically rejects Catalan independence. If it is formally declared, disaster situations will deepen. 

Hundreds of nationwide police, civil guards, troopers, and maybe right-wing gangs will take management of the area, probably arresting Puigdemont and separatist MPs, imposing de facto army rule, inflicting a regional convulsion, probably extra blood within the streets than on referendum day.

Rajoy has world group assist, notably from EU nations and Washington. Catalan police cannot shield a authorities beneath assault from Madrid if issues play out this manner.

Democracy in Spain is farcical. Madrid’s wrath on Catalonia could possibly be unleashed subsequent week or sooner if Puigdemont formally declares independence as anticipated.

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