Top 3 Latest Headlines : Indian Defence Updates : Boeing’s New offer to India, 700 New T-90S Tanks – YouTube

Today’s Top 3 Latest Headlines on Indian Defence Updates shows you the following exclusive and latest news on Indian Defence :

1. Boeing Planning to up its Game for Indian tender : Advanced Super Hornet Upgrade.
US defense major Boeing which has stumbled upon Indian tender for supply of 150-200 of its F/A-18 Super Hornet to Indian Air Force and Indian Navy is already planning to up its game over its bid to secure orders over its rivals from India.
Boeing has said that Advanced Super Hornet Upgrades will go into production as an upgrade on its older F-18s from 2019 onwards.
Boeing has told Indian officials that Advanced Super Hornet Upgrade, if implemented at the production stage, will cost less per unit, then what it had charged US Navy.

2. India’s OFB expects IA order for 700 T-90S tanks in 2018.

At the Defence and Security Equipment International DSEI 2017 exhibition in London , The OFB’s director general has said, that India’s state-owned Ordnance Factory Board expects to receive an order in early 2018 to licence build a total of 700 T-90S tanks for the Indian Army by 2022.
The order will provide the IA with enough tanks to equip two new regiments.
The move will also allow the OFB to increase its production share of the tank to 96% by manufacturing most of the electronics and mission systems.

2. All Six Scorpene submarines to get Indian AIP modules

All Six Scorpenes will get an Indian AIP. It will be installed by the Original Equipment Manufacturer, Naval Group.
An AIP module is under development by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). AIP modules give stealth and extended endurance to diesel-electric submarines by allowing them to stay submerged longer.
However, it would be a costly process as the hull of the submarine has to be opened up to integrate the AIP module and then sealed before being put through the entire range of tests and trials to validate its performance.

Reputed Source : IHS Jane