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Today’s Top 3 Latest Headlines on Indian Defence Updates shows you the following exclusive and latest news on Indian Defence :

1. India’s plan to acquire AWACS planes from Israel and Russia on hold due to price hike.

Indian Air Force’s (IAF) plans to acquire two new AWACS ‘eyes in the sky’ from Israel and Russia have witnessed a steep hike in price of the surveillance platforms, putting the project on hold.

India had acquired three AWACS systems in 2003 in which the Russian Ilyushin-76 aircraft were equipped with two Israel-made sophisticated radars at the cost of $1.1 billion.

2. India and Japan to ramp up cooperation in northeast & defence.

India and Japan will look to further ramp up defence cooperation during the visit of Japanese PM Shinzo Abe this week.
During his visit, Abe will attend the ground breaking ceremony of the Mumbai-Ahemdabad high-speed railway, a flagship programme of the India-Japan collaboration, marking the commencement of the bullet train project.
Launched in May this year, the Asia-Africa Growth Corridor (AAGC) is an economic cooperation agreement between the governments of India and Japan.
Development in north-east India is an area where the two nations have agreed to cooperate.
India may also finally agree to buy the Japanese ShinMaywa US-2i amphibious aircraft in a deal worth $1.30 billion for the Navy during the visit of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe during September 13-14.

3. India readies for James Mattis visit, looks to boost defence cooperation with US.

Ahead of US defence secretary James Mattis’s first visit to India from September 25-26, US deputy assistant secretary of defence Joseph Felter landed in India on Monday for a two-day visit with a host of proposals to strengthen the bilateral partnership.

India and the US will further cement their bilateral defence cooperation, with Washington readying to expand the Defence Technology and Trade Initiative by jointly working on Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance , air and land systems, and hosting an Indian military liaison officer in its Hawaii-based Pacific Command.

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