Security Council Condemnation Instead of Outreach to North Korea

Security Council Condemnation Instead of Outreach to North Korea

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On Friday, Security Council members unanimously condemned Pyongyang’s latest ballistic missile test.

They sent the wrong message to its leadership. Condemnation and other tough talk encourage their powerful weapons programs. The only effective option is halting condemnation and threats while calling for responsible diplomacy involving all relevant parties.

Sanctions and other hostile actions are counterproductive, encouraging what Security Council members want halted. They know the DPRK poses no threat. Its nuclear and ballistic missile programs are solely for defense against feared US aggression.

The only way to step back from the brink to try resolving things is through diplomatic outreach, an option Washington rejects, wanting adversarial relations continued, deplorable US hostility toward the DPRK since Korea was divided along the 38th parallel following WW II.

Trump’s bombast is disgraceful, again thundering “all options are on the table.” His regime will challenge “all who dare to threaten our way of life.”

The threat from within is the only threat ordinary Americans face, their ruling authorities the greatest menace to them and humanity.

Following Friday’s closed-door session, a worthless Security Council statement called North Korea’s latest ballistic missile test “highly provocative.”

SC members “condemned…the DPRK for its outrageous actions, and demanded (it) immediately cease all such actions.”

They “stressed that these DPRK actions are not just a threat to the region, but to all UN Member States,” adding all UN member states must “fully, comprehensively, and immediately implement” all SC resolutions pertaining to North Korea.

They demanded DPRK compliance – at the same time stressing the importance of maintaining peace and stability on the Korean peninsula, along with pursuing a peaceful and comprehensive solution through dialogue Washington rejects.

In deference to its ruling authorities, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ spokesman said he called on North Korea “to cease further testing, comply with the relevant Security Council resolutions, and allow space to explore the resumption of sincere dialogue on denuclearization.”

“Political prostitute” Nikki Haley expressed support for war on the DPRK, saying “I have no problem with kicking it to (Defense Secretary) Mattis because I think he has plenty of options.”

Separately, Pyongyang’s Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) quoted Kim Jong-un, saying “(o)ur final goal is to establish the equilibrium of real force with the US and make the US rulers dare not talk about military option for the DPRK.”

“We should clearly show the big power chauvinists how our state attains the goal of completing its nuclear force despite their limitless sanctions and blockade.”

Russia’s UN envoy Vasily Nebenzya expressed frustration over unending heightened tensions on the Korean peninsula, saying “(w)e’re really in a vicious circle. We have a provocation and then a resolution and then another provocation.”

He called for Washington to dismantle its provocative THAAD missile systems in South Korea, targeting Russia and China, and agree to dialogue with Pyongyang – a position Moscow and Beijing share.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova blasted the Trump administration, saying “aggressive rhetoric is the only thing coming from Washington.”

Separately, South Korean President Moon Jae-in said his country “can destroy North Korea and make it unable to recover” – a deplorable comment further heightening tensions.

Unless all relevant parties seek resolution through responsible diplomacy, unthinkable nuclear war remains an ominous possibility.

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