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David Jeremiah, Agents of the Apocalypse

1 The Exile – Rev 1:1-8
2 The Martyrs – Rev 6:9-11
3 The 144,000 – Rev 7:1-8, 14:1-5
4 The Two Witnesses – Rev 11:1-14
5 The Dragon – Rev 12:1-17
6 The Beast from the Sea (Antichrist)
7 The Beast from the Earth – Rev 13:11-18
8 The Victor – Rev 19:11-21
9 The King – Rev 20:1-6
10 The Judge – Rev 20:11-15

There is a good reason that many disallow comments on their channels.
Respectful discussions are welcome, but nasty hate is not.
Unfortunately, sometimes commenters must be hidden from this channel.
It’s not because I am banning disagreement, but I know how “Trolls” work.
They lure you into debates with questions, then make demands.
Then they insult you.
Then you get angry and try to defend yourself, but they keep badgering you.
Then you want to scream!…
The Troll Won.. He’s laughing, and reporting his victory to his father, the devil.

Below are common Red-Flags, and may result in being hidden from this channel:

1. Vulgar or Insulting Language.

2. Disturbing or Sexually Explicit Icon.

3. Irrelevant wordy diatribes that have nothing to do with the subject.

4. Same text pasted in several places.

5. Offering a “God’s vs. Man’s” argument, implying that you have the lock on the “God” angle.

6. Hypocritically denouncing all ‘teachers’, while trying to TEACH us a thing or two.

7. Piously using the word “CLEAR”. Often times “Clear” is applied to UNClear issues, implying that it is clear only to their superior brain.

8. Any suggestion that any part of the 66-book Canonized Bible (i.e. Paul’s epistles) is not the perfect Word of God.

I now know that there are literal demons on a mission to debunk the Pre-Trib Rapture. They pose as Christians, sometimes with Names and Icons depicting Biblical content, but they reveal themselves as follows:

9. First 4 words (Verbatim): “There is no Rapture” (piously demanding).

10. Mindless Semantics; i.e. The Word “Rapture” not in bible. That’s like saying your team wasn’t Shutout because the word “Shutout” is not in the rulebook. “Semantics” is a game for people who want to argue, but are too dim-witted to understand concepts.

11. You finally found the “truth” after being Pre-Trib for 20 years (not 10, 15, 18, always 20 or 20+)

12. Demanding a “Single Verse” which completely proves the entire Pre-Trib doctrine. Now, we’re dealing with legalists who treat the bible as Leftist Lawyers treat the constitution. “Show me where the constitution guarantees the right to own an AR-15!”

13. The term “Fairy Tale”. “Fairy Tale” is scoffer-code for, “Exceeds my faith limit.”

14. Regurgitating “1830”, “John Darby”, “Margaret MacDonald” Now, you’re mindlessly copy/pasting directly from the demonic anti-Rapture playbook. For the truth on this:

15. Trying to save Pre-Tribbers from the REAL mark, because we will think its the harmless Pre-Trib Mark.

16. Attempting to stomp out the entire Pre-Trib doctrine solely with Matt 24 (Assuming that we’ve all agreed that there is only one future Rapture-like event.) Those comments belong here:

17. Over-Zealous “Date Setter” Witch hunters: We want to help the 1st Thess 5:2 Christians to become 1st Thess 5:4 Christians.

18. Racism or any mention of skin color. This triggers automatic deleting and hiding. Color of Horses can be discussed, but not humans.

19. Shape of Earth. It’s hard to believe that I had to add this, but this is a new hot topic of contention. Go to the ‘flattard’ channels if you want to debate it. (I’m a conspiracy theorist, but I’m sure that the earth is a globe; AND the “Mandela Effect” is simply false memories of trivialities in the more natually normal yet incorrect way.)

ALSO NOTE: When long threads of nasty debates emerge, the entire thread may be deleted.

Whether you like or hate my “Troll-Control” efforts…
Thank you for visiting my channel.
May the Lord Jesus bless you and keep you.
Ken Potter

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