Marine Snipers stand up a command to unify community | SOFREP

The Marine Corps produces some of the most aggressive, violent and disciplined combatants the world has seen. Marines pride themselves as being a part of a warrior culture. That is never more apparent than in the ranks of the Scout Sniper community with a legacy stretching back to Vietnam, The Marine Scout Sniper has been instrumental in changing the tides of many battles. With such revered alumni like Carlos Hathchcock and Chuck Mawhinney, the younger generations have a lot to live up to, and based upon their current reputation, they do just fine.

Although the sniper’s role in combat has varied throughout the years, Surveillance and Target Acquisition have been the meat and potatoes of their employment. Scout Snipers have always been born of their perspective parent units and have been in direct support of said units. Even the snipers in the reconnaissance community are organic to their own units. Although coming from and working for your home unit has its advantages such as established relationships and an explicit understanding of the “chain of command” (and how to circumvent it), there are plenty of disadvantages as well.

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