Reinventing electronic warfare with increased investment in new technologies

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WASHINGTON – The Pentagon’s recently completed Electronic Warfare strategy calls for increased investment in advanced electronic warfare technology designed for defense, as well as a proactive use of emerging electromagnetic spectrum systems to attack enemies. Defense Systems reports.
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The Military & Aerospace Electronics take:

13 Sept. 2017 — “The vision of the electronic warfare (EW) strategy is to be agile, adaptive and integrate electronic warfare to offensively achieve electromagnetic spectrum superiority across the range of military operations,” says Pentagon spokeswoman Heather Babb.

The strategic goals include organizing the electronic warfare enterprise to ensure electromagnetic spectrum superiority, training and equipping EW forces and strengthening partnerships with allies, industry and academia.

This DOD electronic warfare strategy took on new urgency following Russia’s successful use of advanced EW technologies in Ukraine and the pace of global technological progress in the area of EW systems, according to industry and government sources.

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John Keller, chief editor
Military & Aerospace Electronics

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