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Afghanistan India Relationship Will Not Inflict Harm Upon Pak: Afghan Ambassador To Pak.

Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan Dr Omar Zakhilwal on Tuesday assured Pakistan that Afghan-India ties will not inflict harm on Pakistan, and that it need not object to the bilateral relationship between both countries.

Zakhilwal urged Pakistan to maintain “good brotherly relationship” while addressing a round table discussion, titled “Bilateral Reconciliation: Opportunities and Challenges”, organised by Regional Peace Institute in the federal capital.

According to Dawn, Zakhilwal emphasized on the factor of mutual trust between both Islamic countries and said that both the countries should respect the other’s sovereignty and rise above their differences to establish peaceful relations.

He also conveyed that Kabul’s alliance with New Delhi will not jeopardize the security of Pakistan.

“Pakistan should not object to our ties with India. We assure that Afghanistan-India relationship will not inflict harm upon Pakistan,” Dawn quoted him as saying.

The Afghan Ambassador stressed that peace in Afghanistan is imperative to maintaining durable peace in Pakistan.

He also admitted to the Afghan government’s lapses in tackling terrorism and added that Afghan government should take action against Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan’s sanctuaries in Afghanistan that are operating against Pakistan.

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